TBC not up to international standard live broadcast, say rugby officials

    The Tongan Broadcasting Commission did not have the equipment or skills to broadcast the Fiji-Tonga clash live, according to World Rugby Cup organisers.

    Questions were raised in the Fijian media about why the match was not broadcast live in the country.

    World Rugby Media and Communications Consultant, Greg Thomas said the TBC did not have satellite capacity, the necessary equipment or skilled staff to produce a broadcast of international quality.

    The game was broadcast live in Tonga and 30 minute compilations of highlights were produced.

    The TBC had broadcast rights only within the kingdom.

    Fiji’s defeat of Samoa in Apia on Saturday was shown live in Fiji.

    Meanwhile, Paula Moimoi Latu, who tried to livestream the Tonga-Fiji game, was ejected from the Teufaiva stadium.

    He claimed in an interview with Kaniva News that an attempt by the TBC to livestream the game failed after 10 minutes.

    After Saturday’s game Fiji and Tonga both qualify to compete in the Rugby World Cup.

    The main points

    • The Tongan broadcasting Commission was not up to making a .live international broadcast, according to World Rugby organisers.
    • The comments came after Fijian media queried why the game was not shown live in Fiji.
    • Fiji and Tonga have both earned the right to compete in the next Rugby World Cup.

    For more information 

    World Rugby says TBC did not have proper broadcasting facilities for an International live coverage


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