Photos of dead cows in Vavaʻu spark outrage on social media

Pictures of seven dead cows which were uploaded to Facebook this morning have left some people disturbed and emotional.

Vavaʻuan correspondent Filomena Hansen shared the images with some Facebook users, who were quick to react emotionally.

Hansen claimed the cows were shot dead in a tax allotment in the village of ʻUtui in Neiafu.

Vavaʻu authorities could not be reached for comments.

It is understood the cattle invaded and began grazing in the allotment before they were allegedly shot dead apparently by the landowner.

A Facebook user said in Tongan the action was “senseless”.

One user has likened the killing to ISIS style of execution.

However, several commentators said they were struggling with this problem because some farmers could not control their livestock.

They said this had led to the animals either roaming on the road or invading plantations and had caused enormous damage to their crops.


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