Matamaka island “slightly unique”, “very peaceful and calm”,  Vavaʻu MP says

The island of Matamaka had been described as slightly unique in comparison with other islands of Vavaʻu, for its sense of hospitality, clean and beauty, said Vavaʻu 16 MP ʻAkosita Lavulavu.

The MP said Matamaka  is “very peaceful and calm”.

MP Lavulavu made her comments while she visited Matamaka with the Prime Minister ʻAkilisi Pohiva and some of the cabinet ministers this week.

She said Matamaka was not part of her constituency but it was important for her to support and help them for the sake of Vavaʻu as a whole, the MP wrote on Facebook.

She has praised the island beautification saying the residents grew gardens and had recycling drop off points for their garbage and waste.

The island is about 12 kilometres away from Neiafu to the north of Tongatapu.

A source of information said there were about 50 households in Matamaka.

The residents were headed by the kingʻs herald, Tukulāʻinamo.


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