Cow’s head and intestine found at tax allotment treated as suspicious

    A cow which had been butchered and removed leaving its head and intestine behind in a tax allotment in Houma, Tongatapu is being treated as suspicious by locals.

    One of the three passers-by who came across the incident yesterday said they also found the cow’s rope lead still attached to a coconut tree by the scene.

    It is understood the owner of the tax allotment is staying in New Zealand and had visited Tonga regularly.

    ‘Uhila Takataka, who took a picture of the scene, told Kaniva News he strongly believed a group of thieves had slaughtered and stolen the cow.

    He arrived at his conclusion after he saw the intestine and the head were not taken.

    Cow’s intestine was one of the traditional tasty food in Tonga when it was prepared and baked.

    Takataka shared the photo on Facebook.

    Some commentators on the image agreed that this was burglary.

    Some said the illegal practice was becoming prevalent these days with thieves selling the meats to black markets.

    Attempts to contact the owner of the tax allotment in New Zealand had been unsuccessful.

    As Kaniva News reported last year, Police were hunting for thieves who were responsible for slaughtering and stealing of two cows in a tax allotment in the same village, Houma, Tongatapu.

    That incident was discovered by a local after he spotted two heads and intestines believed to be those of the cows were left in their owner’s tax allotment.

    For more information:

    Two cow heads and animal intestines found, Tongan Police investigate


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