Church minister dies suddenly while introducing himself to his new parish

    A Tongan church minister suddenly died while he was introducing himself to his new church members in Rotorua, New Zealand Saturday 8.

    Rev. Siaosi Lelenoa was speaking during a kava ceremony when he suddenly collapsed and died, a source said

    The Minister at Siasi ʻo Tonga church has just received his new pastoral appointment from the conference last month to serve the Rotorua church.

    Rev. Lelenoa was in charge of the Pukekohe church before he moved to the New Zealand’s north island city.

    Last month he thanked the Pukekohe church members on Facebook and said he had served them for four years before he was called to go to Rotorua.

    He said he regarded his years of service in Pukekohe as “malo” and it was a success.


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