Vavaʻu and Haʻapai receive five waste management trucks worth USD$107,491 from Japan

The Japanese government has donated three waste compactor trucks, one septic truck and a dump truck worth of US$107,491 to Ha’apai and Vava’u.

Ha’apai will be given one of the compactor trucks while Vava’u will receive the remaining four.

The donation was a huge boost to the services the Waste Authority has planned for the two islands, a spokesperson said.

The Authority has planned to start waste collection services in Vava’u in January 2018.

The vehicles were expected to arrive in Tonga in October at the latest.

The Japanese Ambassador to Tonga Mr. Yukio Numana said his government understands that establishing reliable waste management services for all the Kingdom’s islands has been a challenge for Tonga and other Pacific Island countries as well.

“Even though Waste Authority has successfully introduced an effective waste management service in Tongatapu, the outer islands have yet to experience the same advantage,” he said.

A signing ceremony was conducted in Nuku’alofa yesterday between the Japanese government and the Tonga government to confirm the donation.

It was attended by the Ha’apai governor, Finance Minister, Health Minister, Japanese Ambassador to Tonga, a representative from JICA and the Waste Management Authority’s CEO Malakai Lomu Sika.


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