Kelikao man burnt in blaze which costs his family thousands

    A 36-year-old Houmakelikao man was hospitalised after a fire that costs his family thousands ripped through their house destroying one vehicle on Saturday 27 at about 5am.

    He was admitted to hospital with “minor” burns to his head, arm and hands, a Fire Service spokesman said.

    It is understood the man was trying to bring his three children and his wife outside from the fire.

    The house was well alight when the Fire fighters arrived.

    Damages were estimated at $51,000 after the fire erupted at 4.48am, the spokesperson said.

    A vehicle was destroyed in the blaze while another was saved, he said.

    It is also understood the man had been discharged from hospital.

    The cause of the fire was “undetermined” and fire safety officers were investigating how the blaze started.


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