Haʻapai and Tt vying to host FWC next conference; ʻAhio and Havea re-elected

    The Haʻapai and Tongatapu Free Wesleyan church members were vying for an opportunity to host the church’s 2018 conference.

    This year’s conference is being held in Vava’u. The conference has this week re-elected Dr ‘Ahio as president of the church and Dr Tevita Koloa’ia Havea as Secretary General.

    President ‘Ahio was re-elected with 309 votes while Rev Dr Tevita Koloa’ia Havea was re-elected with 292 votes

    Dr Havea said yesterday the church in Ha’apai wanted to host next year’s 95th conference.

    He said he understood the Ha’apai church authority had approached Princess Pilolevu during the conference and asked her to support their bid to host the church’s annual meeting.

    He then made a joke and told the Ha’apaians the Tongatapu church was also vying to host the conference.

    “Hold on Ha’apai. It is not an easy task. The people in Tongatapu also wanted an opportunity to host the conference. If you think that Princess Pilolevu belongs to Ha’apai remember that she is also staying in Tongatapu at Mahinafekite”, Dr Havaea said which brought laughter to the delegates’ luncheon yesterday.

    He said the conference will decide this week which vāhenga (district) would host next year’s event.


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