Japanese $40 million grant builds five wind turbines in Niutōua

Five wind turbines will be installed in Niutōua after Japanese government agreed to fund them in a $40 million paʻanga donation given to Tonga on Tuesday.

This is part of the Japanese helping Tonga uses more renewable energy and reduces its reliance on expensive imported diesel

The Niutoua turbine project was part of more projects the Asian government has agreed to fund.

The grant comes after a micro-grid control system and solar PV project for Vainī was successfully funded by the Japanese government in March 2015.

“These projects as well as others to follow will be instrumental in ensuring Tonga has access to clean energy sources that are reliable, cost effective and sustainable”, a government statement said.

The Prime Minister of Tonga, Hon. ‘Akilisi Pohiva thanked the people of Japan for their generosity, the statement said.

Hon Pohiva said: “Energy is a vital element in Tonga’s social and economic development and it enhances the wellbeing and livelihood of the Tongan people”.

“The Government of Tonga has taken extensive measures to ensure that clean and renewable energy is accessible, well maintained and transforming to the economic landscape of the physical environment and eco-system”, he said.

Japanese ambassador to Tonga, HE Mr. Yukio Numata and Hon. Pōhiva have signed the agreement in Nukuʻalofa.


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