Former Tongan-Hong Kong sevens player hospitalised after suffering serious fractured jaw

    A high tackle during clash between the Fasi Maʻufanga and Marist rugby league teams last week has left a player who represented Tonga during the Hong Kong Sevens tournament hospitalized with a serious broken jaw.

    ʻOfa Teisina, who played centre for the Marist during the game, was concussed and left the field after receiving a high tackle and an alleged punch from an opponent.

    He was given first aid treatment by Red Cross staff before he was taken to Vaiola hospital.

    We cannot be able to confirm his medical conditions from the hospital but coaches believed the injury will keep him on the sidelines for the remainder of the season.

    Local media reports said Teisina will eat soft food for several weeks.

    Teisina represented Tonga during the 2017 Hong Kong Sevens.


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