Number of typhoid cases in Tonga increases

    The number of cases of typhoid in Tonga has gone up to 14 this week.

    A Ministry of Health spokesperson said the patients were from eight villages in Tongatapu.

    She said all those confirmed to have typhoid fever are connected but she did not go into details.

    The number of cases remained steadily at 12 until last week when two more cases were identified – since it was first brought to light publicly.

    Health Officer ‘Ofa Tukia told Tonga Daily News the two new cases were identified last week.

    Of the 14 cases confirmed, she said two were from Folaha and Nukuhetulu, one from Kolonga, one from Niutoua, one from Nakolo, one from Haveluliku, one from Tofoa, two from Fanga and five from Veitongo.

    Tukia reportedly said all the cases were connected to those who had been sick of the fever since January.


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