Publisher Filokalafi 'Akau'ola. Photo/Digicel (Facebook)

Talaki Newspaper apologized Friday for an inaccurate report the week before that the leader of Ha’a Ngata was kicked out of Liukava royal residence.

The publisher Filokalafi ‘Akau’ola expressed his sincerest apologies to Dr ‘Ahio and the house of Ha’a Ngata for the inaccurate report made by his newspaper.

That was actually incorrect and I vehemently denied our report, he said.

As part of his comments on the paper’s editorial this week he apologised to the Free Wesleyan church members and those who were affected by the inaccurate report.

Dr ‘Ahio, who is also the royal chaplain, told Kakalu ‘o Tonga this week he was concerned that the bogus report has affected His Majesty, implying the report had suggested it was the king who made the decision to send him away.

Inaccurate report

As we reported, the paper claimed Dr. ʻAhio was kicked out of Liukava during the ha’amo occasion following the Queen Mother’s death.

The inaccurate report said Dr. Ahio arrived late with the king’s meal.

It said they were told to stop at the gate and leave.

It said Dr. ‘Ahio and his followers were told that it was important to bring His Majesty’s taumafa on time


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