Ha’atafu man dies after boat hit by wave

    A 46-year-old man from Ha’atafu has died on Saturday after a boat he was in was hit by a big wave off Tongatapu island.

    Police said the deceased with another 42 year-old man also from Ha’atafu went out on their regular long-line fishing trips at around 6am and returned after 3 hours out at sea.

    It was on their way back to land that their boat was hit by the wave and seawater came into the boat.

    Police said the deceased jumped out in to the water and his body was later brought to shore by the waves.

    Nukunuku Police were called in to the scene and transported the decease’s body to Vaiola Hospital.

    According to report from the doctor, the 46-year old man died from drowning.

    The deceased is survived by his wife and daughter.


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