US embassy denies Tongan nationals allowed visa-free entry to United States

The US Embassy in Fiji has declared as false, a “news” item purportedly showing President Donald Trump signing an executive order allowing visa-free entry into the United States for Tongan nationals.

“The U.S. Embassy is aware of the websites alleging that the United States has changed travel regulations for Fijians and Tongans.   This information is false”, a US Embassy spokesperson told Kaniva News this afternoon.

The fake news first appeared this morning on a website which said they report on “rumours that covers global politics…”.

It was quickly shared among Tongan Facebook users including the Massey University Pasifika@Massey

The fake news website did not provide a physical address and telephone contact numbers. It stories lack byline and date.

The heading of their fake news was:  “Tonga favoured in Trump Immigration War as He Approves 30 Days Visa Free Travel Policy”.


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