Police seized “large amounts of alcohol”, firearms and drugs

    Tongan Police have said they seized a “large amounts of alcohol” in Lapaha on Friday 23.

    Police confiscated a total of 2,794 cans and bottles of different types of alcohol which were stocked and sold without a liqour license.

    A 45-year-old man was arrested and charged with the illegal selling of the alcohol.

    Deputy Commissioner Pelenatita Vaisuai, said the seizure came as part of Police Christmas and holiday operation, dubbed Operation Vï.

    “This is among the largest raids by police relating to alcohol being sold unlawfully, without licence,” Vaisiuai said.

    The raid followed a similar police raid that took place the day before, Thursday, 22 December where considerable amounts of homebrew, illicit drugs and a firearm were seized by police from a bush allotment in Niutoua.

    “The series of raids is part of Police proactive strategy to ensure that access to alcohol is controlled and alcohol related crimes are reduced,” says Vaisuai.

    “During this festive season, a number of people will celebrate with alcohol and it is advised that they do this in moderation for their safety and the safety of their loved ones and others.”

    Operation Vï which commenced on Wednesday, 21 December continues.

    Incorrect use of flares

    Public are asked to refrain from using flares for any other purpose except in a distress situation. Police search and rescue resources are scarce and must only be utilised or reserved to be utilised in a real distress situation where lives are at risk.


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