Langi family celebrate dual degrees and a birthday

    Two sisters ʻOfa Taiamoni Tāufa, 22, and Tāufa Langi, 21,  were both graduated from the Auckland University of Technology on December 13.

    ʻOfa received her bachelor’s degree in criminology while Taufa obtained a bachelor of international travel and tourism in management business.

    Their parents Sindy Lino and Kesiani Langi said Ofa enrolled in a social science certificate programme.

    After she obtained her certificate she decided to change and continued studying the criminology programme.

    A special function to entertain the double graduation at the Alfriston Hall in Manurewa last Saturday was especially charming because the family also celebrated Tāufa’s 21st birthday.

    The celebration was attended by the graduates’ paternal and maternal families from Maʻufanga and Nukuleka.


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