Drunken man charged after swearing on Tonga-bound plane

    A Tongan fruit picker who terrified passengers and used foul language on a plane while he was drunk had been arrested and charged in Tonga.

    Police were waiting for him at the Fu’amotu International Airport on Wednesday evening.

    The 22-year old man from Maʻufanga was flying from Auckland, New Zealand, on Virgin Blue flight number 167 when he became intimidating and aggressive.

    Reports said the man apparently was drunk before he boarded the plane and obviously, he drank his duty free purchased alcohol during the flight, something the airline said was prohibited.

    He was among Tongan fruit pickers who were returning home from Australia through New Zealand.

    He was arrested on landing and told he had shown a reckless disregard for safety on the busy flight.

    Tonga Broadcasting Commission report said the man was charged with using indecent and threatening languages.

    He was expected to appear in court next week.


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