74-year-old US man found dead on yacht in Vava’u

    A 74-year-old man from California, United States was found dead in his yacht in Vavaʻu yesterday Thursday 15 at about 8pm.

    Health authority at Ngū hospital confirmed the deceased died from heart attack, according to Police.

    Tongan authorities were making contact with the US Embassy in Fiji to see whether the deceased’s body would be flown home to California or they bury it in Vavaʻu, Police Superintend Nētane Falakiseni said.

    The deceased arrived in Vavaʻu in October 2015 and his visa expired in November this year, Falakiseni said.

    He said the deceased’s yacht was  docked at Vaipua slip ready to be taken inland while this is hurricane season.

    Police investigation continues.


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