VIDEO of Italian girl singingTonga’s national anthem applauded

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    An Italian girl has recorded a stunning rendition of Tonga’s national anthem on video.

    The 42 second recording has been uploaded to Facebook by the Chair of the Tonga Rugby Board Fe’ao Vunipola.

    It has been accompanied by a caption that goes like this:

    “Italian girl singing our National Anthem in one of the November function and in preparation for the match between Ikaletahi and Italy on Saturday.

    Vunipola has confirmed the singer will perform the kingdom’s national anthem at the upcoming match.

    The video was uploaded about three hours ago and it has already shared 38 times and had about 200 likes.

    Most of the commentators on the post praised the girl’s vocal and were stunned by her ability to pronounce the Tongan language almost perfectly.

    Tonga faces Italy in Padua at the Stadio Euganeo.


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