Princess Pilolevu weeps while meeting Chinese woman fighting for life in hospital

    Princess Pilolevu struggled to fight back tears when she met the motionless Chinese woman who had been brutally attacked while sleeping on Thursday morning.

    Local photographer Patimiosi Ngūngūtau said he was at Vaiola hospital when the Princess arrived to see the victim and he took photos of them.

    He said the Princess and her entourage were tearful as they were standing by the victim’s bedside.

    The Princess was seen weeping while holding the unconscious woman’s hand.

    Ellen Yu, 58, was in a serious condition after the assault and she could not be able to speak.

    Police have arrested a 21-year-old man  from Pahu and charged him in connection with Yu’s attack.

    The brutality of the assault heightened fears in the Chinese community in Tonga that their safety and protection were at risk.

    Chinese Embassy in Nuku’alofa said Tongan-Chinese had been violently targeted.

    It has called for more Police efforts to protect the community.

    It has been also revealed a Chinese man was bedridden after he was king hit in his shop by a Tongan man eight months ago.

    According to TVNZ report, Huang Xiun Lin suffered a very severe injury to his head after he fell and his head hit a set of shopping racks.

    “Mr Lin is now bedridden and living in appalling conditions at the back of his family shop. He can’t move and is fed through a tube”, the report says.


    Cops arrest 21yo after brutal assault of Chinese woman


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