Kerry wishes Tonga a joyous celebration on National Day

    United States Secretary of State John Kerry has wished Tonga a “joyful day of celebration ” on Constitution Day.

    “On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I send my sincerest congratulations to the Kingdom of Tonga on your National Day, November 4th.

    “Over the years, the Kingdom of Tonga and the United States have enjoyed an enduring friendship that has enabled us to work together on a wide range of issues.

    “From joint global security operations to conserving our ocean’s resources, our nations’ collaborative efforts stand as a testament to the important partnership between our two people.

    “Tonga’s commitment to democratic development and efforts in the fight against climate change are examples for the world to follow.

    “The United States wishes a joyful day of celebration to the Tongan people. We hope this year continues to bring you peace and prosperity”.


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