Three Tongans face robbery and firearm charges in Salt Lake

    Three Tongan men in Salt Lake City, United States had been charged with robbery and theft of a firearm, Police said.

    Fusi Kaufusi,18, Dwayne Finau, 19 and Sositine Pututau, 18 were in Police custody after allegedly robbing and assaulting a clerk at a Salt Lake City 7-Eleven.

    Police responded to 1690 S 900 W Wednesday evening just before 10:30 p.m.

    According to police, the three men stole items from the convenience store and attempted to flee. A clerk working at the time attempted to stop the suspects when one of the men assaulted the clerk.tongans

    The clerk told the suspects he had a gun and suspects fled again causing the clerk to chase the men, police said.

    Sometime during the chase one of the suspects circled behind and attacked the clerk where all three men assaulted the clerk and stole his handgun, authorities said.

    Police found the three suspects at 1520 W Van Buren Avenue shortly later.


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