Super Cheap Car manager appears in court accused of fraud

    The manager of Super Cheap Car dealership Filimone Tōʻaho has appeared at a Magistrate Court in Nukuʻalofa on Monday 3 after he was accused of defrauding his clients of more than TOP$70,000 .

    The Magistrate was told the crown prosecutor has applied for a delay in the court process as it needed more time to work with Police on more charges against Tōʻaho.

    The accused will reappear in court on November 14.

    Tōʻaho has recently caught social media users’ attention after some of his Tongan customers alleged he failed to provide their vehicles after paying him thousands of paʻanga.

    The Autorec Enterprise Ltd, a Japanese vehicle provider which imported vehicles direct from Japan to Tonga took Tōʻaho and his car dealership to court, local media reported.

    Autorec was quoted as warning Tongan customers to be wary of the accused and his company as they often failed to deliver their promises after people paid them money to buy vehicles.

    Tōʻaho was represented in court by legal counsel Lesina Tonga.


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