Investigation after Greek passports seized in Tonga following complaint by Immigration NZ

An investigation was underway in Tonga after Police confiscated passports that belonged to seven Greek tourists who attempted to board a flight from Tongatapu to Auckland.

Six of the passports were reported to Interpol while the rest failed a test requirement.

This has been confirmed to Kaniva News in an email from Immigration New Zealand this morning.

The email read: “Immigration New Zealand can confirm that on 28 September, seven passengers holding Greek passports were prevented from boarding a flight from Tongatapu Airport to Auckland. Six of the seven passports were recorded as stolen or lost with Interpol and the seventh passport failed a basic passport scan. All passports are with Tongan Police for further investigation”.

We have learnt the Greeks were still in Tonga for more than a week now and none of them speaks English, the second official language Tonga used to communicate with other ethnic groups.


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