Video: Tongan Police struggle to arrest man

    Scroll down to watch the video.
    A video uploaded to social media showed the arrest of a man who tried to fight off Police officers.

    The encounter ended with one Police officer appeared to be in a bad state of exhaustion and struggling to breathe.

    It was not immediately clear when was the incident happened and why.

    The 1.29 minutes video was uploaded to Facebook yesterday Saturday 10 by Angelica Fifita.

    “I went with my daughter to the ‘Una’eva petrol station in Kolofo’ou to get gas….I was surprised to see the boy appeared. Why was this people were allowed to leave the prison, people are concerned about this kind of people,” it says in the caption accompanying the video (Translated).

    A person is overheard in the video saying the man was a prisoner escapee but we could not be able to confirm this.

    Another person can be overheard during the encounter calling the man’s name as Maka.



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