Tongan child drowns in hotel swimming pool in Utah

    A six-year-old boy has drowned at a swimming pool inside a West Valley hotel, Utah despite being rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    According to local media Police arrived shortly and pulled out a six year old male from the water.

    Police believed Jordan Kalapa was under water for at least five minutes.

     A doctor staying at the hotel attempted to give Jordan CPR.  He was rushed to the hospital where he died.

    His mother was not there but a family member was in charge, Good4Utah reported.

    “I don’t know the circumstances as of yet,” she said. “But i do know who was there.”

    Police are still investigating Jordan’s death and will review surveillance footage of the hotel.  For now are calling it an accident.

    In July, Kalapa’s sister, Ofa Kinikini was killed when a Frontrunner train hit her SUV.

    Her sister said she was pregnant and in her third trimester.
    “Her baby lived and we were so happy,” said Kalapa. “We call her our miracle baby. We named her Ofa and that means love in Tongan.”

    Ofa Kinikini’s child was adopted by Kalapa’s younger sister, but she said the entire family shares in her life.
    Kalapa now believes Jordan is with his aunt taking care of him in heaven.

    “I would like to believe my sister has taken my son and we have taken her daughter. and we are going to take care of her and she is going to take care of my son until we meet in the end,” she said. “I’m grateful for that, that comforts me.”


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