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A video shows Princess Pilolevu had invited people who turned up to stick dollar notes on her body with her husband Lord Tuita while they were dancing to do so.

This was not in accordance with Tongan protocol as commoners were not allowed to make contact or touch the bodies of the royals and nobility.

The Princess gave the permission after the presenters were warned by someone from the audience to just place the pale (Tongan word for money stuck on dancers’ bodies) on the dance floor in front of the couple.

The presenters apparently hesitated but this had drawn the princess’ attention and told them to just go ahead and stuck the pale on their bodies.

The video showed the presenters eventually handed the money to the Princess and Tuita.

The 1.08 minute video was taken by Nunia Faletau, who told Kaniva News it was a “beautiful occassion”.

Princess Pilolevu was dancing with Lord Tuita to the music, Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers at the Ground Plaza, Foster city, San Francisco in the United States.

They were guests of honour at the bridal shower for their daughter Hon Lupeolo Moheofo Virginia Rose Tuita.

Moheofo was expected to marry Hon Lopeti Fielakepa.


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