Four candidates competing for Vavaʻu 16 vacant parliamentary seat

    Four candidates are vying for the same parliamentary seat for Vavaʻu 16 with elections taking place on July 14.

    ‘Akosita Havili Lavulavu the wife of former outgoing Vavaʻu 16 MP, ‘Etuate Lavulavu,  is seeking election and will stand against her husband’s political rival Dr Viliami Lātū.

    Two other candidates are ‘Atalasa Misilemoti Pouvalu and ‘Īpeni ʻAlamoni Siale.

    Siale unsucessfully stood for the Democrats in the last election.

    Pouvalu was an independent  candidate in the last election for Tongatapu 7 but the constituency was won by the current Justice Minister, Vuna Fāʻotusia.

    The last day for intending candidates to register for Vavaʻu 16’s  by-election was today Monday 20.

    The candidates in order of their numbers:
    Candidate Number 1 – Mrs Akosita Lavulavu
    Candidate Number 2- Viliami Uasikē Lātū
    Candidate Number 3 – ‘Atalasa Misilemoti Pouvalu
    Candidate Number 4 – ʻĪpeni ʻAlamoni Siale

    The by-election was called by the Speaker of the House, Lord Tuʻivakanō, after Mr Lavulavu was disqualified as an MP after his conviction by Tonga’s Supreme Court for committing bribery during his 2014 election campaign.

    Mr Lavulavu appealed his sentence.

    His case was brought to court by the unsuccessful candidate, Dr Lātū.


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