Tongan mother, long-lost son finally meet 25 years later

    At last, a Tongan mother in Hawaii and her long-lost son met last week for the first time since her estranged husband spirited him away to Pakistan 25 years ago.

    It was an emotional reunion in the Honolulu International airport after Tepola Moala searched for his children through Facebook.

    Her son Imran was four-month old while her daughter Zamina Shah was two-year old when their Pakistan father took them across the boarder.

    The mother and her son embraced, hugged and kissed — the first time they’ve laid eyes on each other following a recent Facebook quest.

    Moala told KITV News about how her son responded to her the first time they met on Facebook.

    “Mum you don’t believe me. It’s me your son Fetuli. The middle name. OK. And he said now I know you don’t believe me and he sent me the picture”, Moala said.

    It was a photo of Imran when he was young and Moala can confirm it was him.

    “All I want, I want him to be here. I want to hug him. Squeeze him. My baby”, she told the News.

    Describing the moment he was reunited with his mother, Imran said: “The great thing is I still have a mother. I missed her in a lot of years”.


    1. Fe’iloaki fiefia ha faʻē Tonga ‘i Hawaii mo hano foha ne fakamaveʻi kinaua hili ha taʻu ʻe 25 ʻo ʻave ʻa e fohá ia ki Pakisitani.

      Naʻe kei māhina fā ʻa Imran Shah kae pehē ki hono tuofefie ko Zamina ne taʻu 2 he taimi ne na māvae ai mo ʻena faʻeé Tepola Moala ʻi hano ʻave kinaua ia ʻe heʻena tamaí mei ʻAmelika.


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