School girl drunk, alcohol seized in school bag checks during intercollegiate sport

    A female student was allegedly drunk during the intercollegiate sport last month.

    Security guards and police seized a number of prohibited items while searching students’ school bags at the entrances to the Teufaiva Stadium.

    The students were trying to sneak into the competition what police believed were alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

    The finding was made amid tight security to prevent any incidents during the 2016 sport competition.

    A police report will be released to various schools soon about the students involved and what prohibited items they attempted to sneak into the sporting event.

    The Talaki Newspaper this week has quoted Tungua Tuʻakoi from the Sport Organising Committee  as saying the bag checks at the entrances began last year to prevent students from bringing alcohol or illegal drugs into the four-day national event.

    The paper alleged there were drugs and cigarettes found during the search but Tuʻakoi could not be able to confirm it.

    Tuʻakoi reportedly said he was thankful for the work conducted by police and the security guards during the competition.

    He said security checks now would be used when it comes to secondary school rugby union tournament.

    Police told the paper a report on the findings will be released to various schools soon in which the students involved will be identified.

    Only one girl was found drunk during the sport competition, Talaki said.


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