Lord Dalgety Tonga’s new election commissioner

    Lord Ramsay Dalgety of Sikotilani has been appointed by His Majesty as Tonga’s new election Commissioner and Chairman.

    Dalgety has replaced the outgoing chair Barrie Sweetman.

    According to Tongan electoral acts the king appoints the Commissioner for a term of five years.

    The Commissioner will also become chair of the commission.

    On a separate note, Linda Folaumoetuʻi, CEO for Public Relations (Ombudsman) Office, has been elected as member of the commission.

    The 70-year-old new Chairman will undergo his first challenge in the next two months, the election of district and town officers in June and the Vavaʻu number 16 by-election in  July 14.

    Dalgety was arrested outside the royal commission of inquiry into the Princess Ashika sinking in 2010 and charged with perjury.

    He arrived in  Tonga in 1991 and became a Supreme Court judge, and in 2008, King George Tupou V made him Lord Dalgety of Sikotilani Tonga (Lord Dalgety of Scotland).

    He was also appointed chairman of the judicial committee of the Privy Council.


    1. Kuo fili ʻa Looti Dalgety ʻo Sikotilani ko e Komisiona mo e Sea foʻou iaʻ o e Komisoni Fili ʻa Tongá.

      Ko ʻene fetongi ʻeni ʻa Barry Sweetman ʻa ia ne sea talu mei he 2010.

      Ne toe fili mo Linda Folaumoetuʻi ko e CEO ʻa e Public Relations ke ne mēmipa ʻi he Komisioní.

      Fakatatau ki he lao fili ʻa Tonga ko e tuʻí te ne fili ʻa e sea ʻo e komisioní fakataʻu 5.


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