Dozen sent home after school fight, decision met with criticism

    Dozens of school girls from Queen Salote College (QSC)  have been reportedly suspended following the brawl in Nukuʻalofa over the weekend.

    But the decision has been met with criticism from the public.

    The immediate suspension has  divided the public with many vented their concerns over social media.

    Kaniva understands the girls were suspended on the evening of the fight.

    While many stood by the principal in her decision to suspend the girls some thought the conclusion was too early and harsh.

    The Director of the Women and Children Crisis Centre (WCCC) ‘Ofa Gutteinbeil Likiliki did not agree with the decision.

    “I hope the Principal of Queen Salote College can re-think the decision that was made last-night following the earlier incident that resulted in a number of students being kicked out of school”, Likiliki wrote on Facebook.

    “Let’s support a process that allows for dialogue about what happened, why it happened and the consequences. Then let the dialogue come up with alternative and appropriate action for disciplinary measures that they can learn from and ‘grow’ from.

    “There are too [many] impacts of girls education being cut short. Look at the boys schools and the fights that have occurred over the past 2-3 years for example, Toloa did not kick out the boys involved in the Tofoa incident and that was worse”.

    A video has been circulating on Facebook of the QSC and Tonga High School girls fighting while bystanders tried to stop them. Several schoolgirls looked on.

    Attempts to contact the schools were unsuccessful.


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