Domestic violence increases, a workshop in Nukuʻalofa was told

The numbers of domestic violence in Tonga continue to rise according to an information released by the Women and Children Crisis Centre (WCCC) in a workshop in Nukuʻalofa this week.

The details of the claim were not available to Kaniva News.

“According to the statistics that we have, there is not much difference between the numbers of criminal cases and domestic violence cases,” Tupou Lanumata from the Centre said in a statement.

The WCCC organised a two-day workshop to bring in youth leaders so it can share with them what it has designed to help the youth avoid violence, aggression and bullying.

“The reason why we chose youth leaders is because they can make an impact in their communities by sharing what they have learned here to their colleagues so that they know the right person to pick when it comes to marriage.”

She said the centre has conducted two workshops in the past about the same issue and the participants developed 10 tips of how to keep a healthy and respectful relationship.

The workshop was funded by UN Women.


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