Authorities concern over maggots in frozen and takeaway chickens

The Consumer Affairs Tonga (TCA) has expressed growing concern over the number of complaints it received from consumers about maggots being found inside frozen and takeaway chickens in Tongatapu.

Some consumers complaint to the authority after finding maggots in cooked chickens they bought from a takeaway restaurant in Nukuʻalofa.

The National Food Council (NFC) temporally closed down a frozen chicken provider in Pea last week saying it has found maggots inside its chicken and other frozen meats.

The authorities did not give any details about how the worms ended up in the chicken nor it identified the restaurant which provided the food.

However, they warned consumers to be wary and check food they purchase before eating or cooking them.

They said they have launched an investigation after the complaints.

Last month Tonga’s the NFC  suspended the operation of a local company which supplied hotdog to retail suppliers after it found maggots inside the product.


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