Uaine Fa wins for the third time at royal rampage competition

The Kiwi born Tongan boxer Uaine Fa Junior who represented Tonga in the 2010 Commonwealth Games beat Jayson Aloese last Saturday April 16 at the Central Park Drive, Henderson, New Zealand.

The 26-year-old made his first professional debut in February in which he defeated Richard Tutaki by knock out and later on was Clint Foai  by another knock out on April 13.

Fa’s third winning over the weekened was made while he was participating in the Royal Rampage which is New Zealand’s First WBC World Title Championship to be held in the country.

After the fight Fa took to Facebook to thank all his “family, friends and supporters”.

“Thanks to the best corner team that we have. You guys are awesome!! Thank you to my wife and kids for constant love and support. Loved every minute in the ring tonight”, he said.

Fa claimed a bronze medal for Tonga at the Delhi XIX Commonwealth Games in 2010.

In 2012 Boxing New Zealand’s hopes of sending Joseph Parker to the Olympics was on the ropes when he was beaten by Fa in the opening session of the Oceania qualifying tournament in Canberra.

Fa also won two previous bouts against Parker before the Canberra qualifying tournament.

Parker now holds the titles of the WBO Oriental, OPBF and WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council regional heavyweight titles.


  1. Naʻe mālohi ʻa e tangata fuhu fanauʻi Kiuī ka ko e Tonga koi a ko Uaine Fa Junior ʻia Jayson Aloese ʻi he Tokonaki kuo ʻosí ʻaho 16 ʻEpelelí ʻi he Central Park Drive, Henderson, Nuʻu Sila.

    Naʻe fuofua kamata e fuhu fakapolofesinale ʻa e tangata taʻu 26 ni ʻi Fepueli ʻo ne tamateʻi ai ʻa Richard Tutaki kae pehē ki heʻene toe mateʻi ʻa Clint Foai ʻi ʻEpeleli ʻaho 13.

    Ko ʻene mālohi ʻaki eni hono tuʻo tolú lolotonga kuó ne ʻi he tuʻunga ʻo e fuhu fakapolofesinalé ʻi he uike kuo ʻosí ʻa ia ko ʻene kau atu ia ki ha fuofua feʻauhi ʻi Nuʻu Sila ni ʻa e Royal Rampage pea ko e fuofua fakahoko ia he fonuá ni ʻa e WBC World Title Championship.

    Naʻe metali polonise ʻa Fa maʻa Tonga ʻi he Sipoti Kominiueli ko ia ʻo e 2010.

    ʻI he 2012 naʻe tō noa e ʻamanaki ʻa Joseph Parker ki he ʻOlimipikí hili ia haʻane foʻi ʻana ʻia Fa he feʻauhi ko hai ʻe kualafai ʻi Kenipela, ʻAositelēlia.

    Ne toe ʻi ai mo ʻena fuhu kehe ka ne toe mālohi ai pe ʻa Fā ʻia Parker.

    Ka kuo ʻi he tuʻunga māʻolunga foki ʻa Parker ia ʻi he ʻaho ni he ko iaʻ okú ne lolotonga pukepuke ʻa e leta ʻo e WBO Oriental, OPBF mo e WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council regional heavyweight.


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