Tropical Cyclone Amos born as Tonga’s strong wind warning remains in force

Tonga Met Service said the newborn Category One Tropical Cyclone Amos was located about 563km northwest of Niuafoʻou or 551km west-west of Niuatoputapu at about 1am this morning, Thursday 21.

The system is moving west-southwest at 04 knots (07km/hr).

On its current track Cyclone Amos is expected to move east or southeast and could pass close to Samoa, Tonga and nearby islands on Saturday or Sunday, New Zealand Met Service said.

A strong wind warning remains in force for Vavaʻu and the Niuas, Fuʻamotu Met Service said.

A trough lies over north of the Niuas. Associated clouds and occasional showers may continue to affect the Niuas and other parts of the group.

Fiji meterological service said Amos is forecast to track towards Samoa, Wallis and Futuna and northern Tonga.


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