Tongan cop suspended over social media misconduct

A 35-year-old Tongan Police officer was suspended in what Police described as “alleged misconduct on Social Media”.

Tonga Police Commissioner Steve Caldwell has confirmed this in a statement this afternoon.

“As the matter is now a criminal investigation it is not appropriate to offer any further comment at this time”, the statement said.

Last month CNN reported a white police officer in Ohio has been fired after he posted a comment on Facebook calling the suicide of a Black Lives Matter activist “a happy ending.”

A Police officer in Michigan was also fired in March over a Facebook post but his lawyer argued that  “this is a matter of free speech – plain and simple”.

He said “his client and his Facebook post are protected by the” law.


  1. Tuku fakataimi ki tuʻa ha ʻōfisa polisi koeʻuhī ko ha anga ʻikai taau ʻi he mītia fakasōsialé.

    Naʻe fakapapauʻi mai ʻeni ʻi ha siteitimeni mei he Komision Polisi ʻa Tongá ʻaneefiafi.

    Naʻe ʻikai ha toe fakaikiiki ʻe tuku mai he ʻoku kei fai ʻa e fakatotolo.


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