Tonga withdraws plan to build new golf course for the Games, Atele course expanded

    The Tongan government said it has withdrawn its proposed plan for a new golf course for 2019 Pacific Games and has decided to expand the existing Tonga Golf Course in ‘Atele for the Games.

    It made the decision after the Beca International Consultancy said  the current course  could not be expanded for the Games because of the lack of surrounding land spaces.

    But the government said negotiation was underway to relocate  residents in the area so that the course could be expanded.

    The government said it made the decision as it understood the golf course is the most time critical of all the facilities and developments planned for the Games.

    Early last month the government disclosed plans to construct the golf course either at the king’s estates in Tufumāhina or at Kauvai.

    It followed with preparation works conducted by government workers  at Tufumāhina to prepare for the course but it was immediately stopped by the Palace Office.

    The Prime Minister later said there was miscommunication before the work started and the course was likely to be shifted and  constructed at Kauvai.

    Consultants from Beca said in its master plan report reported by Kaniva News early this month the current course could not be used for the Games.

    The report said: “We concluded that it was very unlikely that the existing course could be developed to a standard required for the Games”.

    “Hence the three sites suggested to us by the TPGOC: Fua’amotu – opposite the Scenic Hotel on road to Airport, Niumate site and Tufumahina site were considered.

    “Of all of the sports facilities to be provided for the Games the Golf course development is the most time critical. The decision on a preferred site and securing the land is an urgent matter.

    “To develop a totally new Golf course, playing a tournament (the Games) after only 12 months following completion would carry high risk given the time required to suitably grow and bed down the greens, tees and fairways. Ideally the course should be completed 24 months prior to the Games, i.e. by July 2017”.


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    1. Kuo ʻikai toe hoko atu e palani ʻa e Puleʻanga Tongá ke langa ha malaʻe tāpulu foʻou ki he Keimi ʻa e Pasifiki Sauté ʻi he 2019 ka ke langa fakalahi p emo fakaleleʻi ʻa e malaʻe lolotonga ʻi ʻAtelé.

      Naʻe pehē ʻe he kautaha faleʻi langa fakavahaʻapuleʻanga mei Nuʻu Sila ko e Beca ʻe ʻikai lava ke fai ha tāpulu ia ʻi he malaʻe lolotonga ʻi ʻAtelé he ʻoku siʻi.

      Ka ne pehē ʻe he puleʻangá kuo fai e alea mo kinautolu nofo ofi ʻi he malaʻe tāpulú naʻa lava ke nau hiki kae fakalahi atu ki ai ʻa e malaʻé.

      Ne ʻi ai foki ʻa e palani ke langa foʻou ha malaʻe ʻi Tufumāhina pe Kauvai ka kuo mahino ʻeni kuo kaniseli kotoa ia.

      Kuo pehē foki ʻe he Beca ʻa ia ko kinautolu ʻoku nau tā e map emo fakamahuʻinga e kotoa e ngaahi fakamole ki he langa ki he Keimi 2019 ʻoku tuʻu tōmui ʻa e taimi ki hono langa ʻo e malaʻe tāpulú he ko e tōmui taha ke ʻosi ki ai ko e 2017 kae lava ke toe ʻi ai ha taʻu ʻe ua makehe ke moʻui lelei ai e musie mo e ngaahi naunau ʻo e malaʻé kuo pau ke fokotuʻu pea toki fai ʻa e Keimí.


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