Ten new prison officers graduated from academy

Tonga’s Prison Department has graduated 10 new recruits at Huʻatolitoli Prison Academy on Wednesday 30.

The graduates were honoured after they completed a three-month recruitment training courses.

The graduation was the fifth after the training was conducted at Huʻatolitoli since the department was set up to operate on its own apart  from the Ministry of Police and Fire Services.

Recruit Prison Officer Molitoni Mohuanga was named the top student.

He scooped a number of prizes in the “Outdoor Subjects” and three others.

Kulī Tonga was second to Mohuanga after he successfully got top marks on the “Indoor Subjects”.

Tonga is from Tongaleleka, Haʻapai, Kolofoʻou and Pahu, Tongatapu while Mohuanga comes from Maʻufanga and Vainī, Tongatapu.

Leimoni Teisoni, the Acting Commissioner of Prison presented the certificates to the prison officers and emphasized the importance of their roles.

“We are responsible for the safety of the prisoners as well as the community. It is of our role to make sure that we provide a safe environment for both prisoners and the public,” he said.

“This is the end of the training. Soon you will be out there in the field as prison officers, and you will face new challenges. I hope that what you have learned in your three months training will help you in overcoming those challenges and performing your job to the best of your abilities.”


  1. Lava lelei e ako ʻa ha kau ʻofisa pilīsone ʻe toko 10 hili ia haʻanau kau atu ki ha ako māhina ʻe tolu.

    Naʻe ikuna e akoʻangá ni ʻe Molitoni Mohuanga kae ua ʻa Kulī Tonga.


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