New change to waste policy benefits Nukuʻalofa residents

A change to Tonga’s waste collection policy has benefitted both inside and outside residents of Nukuʻalofa.

The new change means every waste put out on collection day “will be collected”.

Previously, residents have to purchase stickers and stuck them on their waste bins to show the carbage truck drivers they have paid for their waste to be picked up.

This means the wastes from residences which did not pay and got stickers would not be collected.

The waste charges now are added to residents’ monthly power bills.

“From the 1st April, if you put waste out on your collection day it [will] be collected. Stickers will no longer be required, with the Utilities Board resolving to improve waste collection services for the benefit of our health and environment”, a statement from Waste Authority says.

“From the start of May, you will see that waste charges will now be included in your Tonga Power bill. This new arrangement is to make sure that every home, every institution, and every business pays the waste charges”.


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