‘Aminiasi Kefu remains as Tonga’s acting attorney general, king says

    The king through his Privy Council said ‘Aminiasi Kefu will continue to hold the post of acting Attorney General while a panel is being selected according to the constitution to choose someone for the post.

    The royal command comes after the Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva submitted a proposal last year asking the king  to remove Kefu from the post.

    The Prime Minister claimed Kefu has many obligations for the government including being the Director of Prosecution and that was too much for him.

    Kefu declined to comment saying the king has made his decision.

    The Prime Minister’s Office said the government was awaiting the panel and when it is going to nominate someone to become the kingdom’s next attorney general.

    The king has the power to appoint and dismiss Tonga’s attorney general according to the constitution.

    The Prime Minister attacked Kefu in February saying he was interfering in Lord Tuʻilakepa’s fire arms case.

    Lord Tu’ilakepa was sentenced in January and ordered to pay fine of TP$10,000 within 14 days after pleading guilty to firearms and ammunition charges.

    The offence carries a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and if Lord Tu’ilapeka had been  jailed for two or more years he would have lost all his noble privileges and title.

    He escaped the jail terms and still holds his title.

    In a letter released to the media, the Prime Minister said Kefu appeared to have interfered “with the independence and impartiality of a pending decision by a Supreme Judge of His Majesty’s Judiciary.”

    Kefu initially told Kaniva News, Pōhiva’s statement was “based on a total misunderstanding of judicial proceedings, and the role of the AG”.


    1. Tuʻutuʻuni e tuʻí ʻi he Fakataha Tokoní ke kei hokohoko atu pe leʻoleʻo ʻa ʻAminiasi Kefu ʻi he lakanga ʻateni senialé kae fokotuʻu leva ha pēnolo fakatatau ki he konisitūtoné ke ne fili ha ʻāteni seniale hoko maʻa Tonga.

      Ko e tali ʻeni ʻa e tuʻí ki ha fokotuʻu ne fakahū atu ʻe ʻAkilisi Pōhiva ko e Palēmia ʻo Tonga ke toʻo e lakangá meia Kefu ʻi he ʻuhinga ne pehē ʻoku fuʻu lahi ʻa e ngaahi fatongia ki he puleʻangá ʻokú ne maʻú.


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