Tongan woman chosen for oceania rugby board

Tongan distinguished business consultant ‘Aloma Johansson has been elected to the board of Oceania Rugby.

A statement from the organisation said Johanson was one of two independent board members elected “to continue the growth and development of the organisation at a time when membership and playing numbers continue to flourish in the region”.

Aloma Johansson

She has been appointed to the position of non-elected independent director.

An accountant and former Tonga Chamber of Commerce President, Aloma was also the first woman to sit on the Tongan Rugby Union Authority and was interim CEO in 2011/2012.

Oceania Rugby is one of six Regional Associations of World Rugby. It is responsible for representing the interests of its 16 Member Unions and 1 Associate Member to promote the growth of Rugby throughout Oceania.


  1. Fili ‘a e fefine Tonga ki he Poate a e ‘Akapulu ‘Oseania.

    Kuo fili ‘a Aloma Johansson ko e memipa fefine ia ‘o e poate.

    Ko e Johansson foki ko e fefine pisinisi ‘iloa ia ‘i Tonga pea ko e toe ‘akauniteni foki.

    Ko e ‘Akapulu ‘a e ‘Oseania pe Oceania Rugby ko e taha ia ‘i he ngaahi kautaha fakafeitu’u ‘o e ‘akapulu ‘a māmaní. ʻOkú ne tokangaʻi ʻe ia ʻa e ʻunioni ʻakapulu mēmipa ʻe 16 mo e kaungā mēmipa ʻe taha ki hono tuʻuaki mo fakatupulekina e ʻakapulú ʻi ʻOseaniá.


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