Red cross holds disaster training in Vavaʻu

    Tonga’s Red Cross held disaster relief volunteer training in Neiafu to make sure the communities are better prepared to respond to future local, area or national disasters.

    Sixteen volunteers from ʻEua, Haʻapai, Tongatapu and Vavaʻu responded to invitations to attend the training which started on February 29 to March 4.

    Participants were trained about “facilitation skills, disaster cycle, assessments and relief distribution”.

    It was held at the conference room of Tonga Red Cross Vavaʻu Branch. Among the guests were town officers and District Officers of Vava’u Group and partnership stakeholders.

    PoliceMagistrate  and Government Representative Mr. Paula Tatafu officially opened the training and he thanked Tonga Red Cross for the work it conducted to respond to emergency situations including the spread of Zika virus in the kingdom.

    “Opportunity to teach people in risk reduction minimize the effects and impacts disasters such as Cyclone Ula, with all our support we will make a better Tonga to face any situation of disaster”, he said.

    Mr. Sione Taumoefolau, Secretary General of Tong Red Cross said: “Tonga Red Cross in its capacity and auxiliary role to government, helps and alleviate suffering of people in many disaster response, equipping trainers with essential skills will help to minimize sufferings.

    The training was led by Disaster Management Officer, Mr. Inoke Taufa and assisted by Ms. Petra Mackay of the Australian Red Cross.

    Those who attended the training. Photo/Tonga Government


    1. Naʻe fakahoko ha ako ke fakahinohino ha kau fakafofonga ngāueʻofa ki nau ngāue ʻo tokoni ʻi ha taimi ʻe hoko ai ha faingataʻa fakanatula ʻo tatau pe pe ko ha faingataʻa fakafonua, fakakolo pe fakafeituʻu.

      Naʻe fakahoko ʻeni ʻo tataki ʻe he Kolosi Kula ʻa Tongá pea tokoni foki ha mataotao mei he Kolosi Kula ʻa ʻAositelēliá.

      Naʻe kau mai ki heni ʻa e kau fakafofonga ʻe toko 16 mei ʻEua, Haʻapai, Tongatapu mo Vavaʻu. Ko e akó ni ne fakahoko pe ʻi he loki konifelenisi ʻo e Kolosi Kula ʻa Vavaʻú.


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