Brothers sent home to Tonga after serving 11 years of imprisonment for the murder of an Australian policeman

    A Tongan man has been deported to Tonga today and it will be followed by his brother after serving 11 years in prison for the manslaughter of the NSW Senior Constable Glenn McEnallay fourteen years ago.

    Motekiai Taufahema was sent to the kingdom today and his brother John will be sent later.

    The two brothers  were both on parole for a brutal bashing when stopped by McEnallay with four stolen guns in Hillsdale in 2002.

    Their accomplice, Sione Penisini, shot McEnallay three times, “once in the head and twice in the chest” on March 27, 2002.

    According to the Australian 9news, “Constable McEnallay was gunned down after pulling over a stolen car in Sydney’s east”.


    1. Ne fakafoki fakapule’anga atu ‘a Motekiai taufahema he ‘ahó ni ki Tonga pea ʻe muimui atu ai ʻa hono tehiná ʻa John hili ʻena ngāue pōpula ki he taʻu ʻe 11 hili hono fakapoongi ʻo ha polisi ʻi ʻAositelēlia.


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