Rising star Agnatius Paasi ‘singled out’ for tonight’s game

    Agnatius Paasi was singled out by Rabbitoh Sam Burgess for tonight’s game when the Rabbitohs and Titans meet in their final pre-season clash at Pizzey Park.

    Paasi has been described as impressive and was the right player for the clash.

    Nominating him for the tournament’s top individual gong two week’s ago Fox Sports News said: “While his offload and his hitting ability are the first things that stand out in the big prop when you watch him play, it was his enormous motor — a trait even more valuable in Nines than in the 13-a-side game”.

    Paasi also revealed in the interview earlier this pre-season, his partner Chloe and their three-year-old son Manatoa were an inspiration to him in his career.

    “My partner told me to stay at it one more year and give it a crack”.

    This means Paasi had to face certain obstacles such as leaving behind his family while he was in Australia to join his team.

    He said he almost gave it up.

    Last year he was contacted by Australian immigration officials and informed there were complications with his visa.

    “It’s been hard being without my family”, he told Courier Mail.

    ‘‘I get lonely sometimes, I text or call them every day, but the boys at training are really supportive and they keep me company which is good”, he told the mail.

    “I’m currently in the process of applying for a new visa, the Titans have sponsored me so it’s great to be back on the Gold Coast.’’

    His committment to the sport was described as “From sleeping on the floor for an opportunity to arguably the Auckland Nines player of the tournament, it’s fair to say Agnatius Paasi has come a long way”.

    Agnatius Paasi is from Lapaha in Tonga and he is a  professional rugby league footballer who currently plays for the Gold Coast Titans of the National Rugby League. A second-rower and prop, he previously played for the New Zealand Warriors. He was born in Tonga. He is 24 and has height of  1.84 m


    1. Na’e tuhu’i atu ‘e Rabbitoh Sam Burgess ‘a Agnatius Paasi ko e tokotaha totonu ia ke fakavaʻingaʻi he fepaki ko ʻeni ʻa e Rabbitohs mo e Titans i he Pissey Park he poo ní.

      ʻOku fakamatalaʻi ʻa Paasi ko e fuʻu tangata lava pea unuhi tonu ʻoʻona ki he fepakí ni.

      Naʻe vaʻinga ʻa Paasi he NRL Auckland Nones pea ne fokotuʻu foki ia ʻe he faiakó Neil Henry ko e tokotaha vaʻinga lelei taha ia ʻo e uiké ʻi he uike kuo ʻosí heʻena fepaki mo timi Parramatta.

      Lolotonga ʻene ʻe kiʻi fuoloa atu haʻane vaʻinga he ʻotu muʻá, ʻe hoko ʻene vaʻinga ko hano tesiʻi e
      Burgess ʻi loto malaʻe ʻi heʻene foki mai ko ʻeni ki he vaʻinga tautau toko 13.

      Ne ne fakahā foki ki he ongongo sipoti ʻa e Fox ne hoko hono malí, Chloe kae pehē ki hono fohá ʻa Manatoa ko e fakalotolahi ki heʻene feinga he malaʻe līkí.

      Ne fakalotolahiʻi ia ʻe Chloe ke toe hoko atu pe ʻi ha foʻi taʻu ʻe taha ka ko hono moʻoni naʻe pau ai ke ne hētoloʻi ha ngaahi faingataʻa lahi kau ai ʻa e pau ke tuku hono fāmilí ʻi Nuʻu Sila kae folau ia ki ʻAositelēlia ki he vaʻingá.

      Ne toki hiki atu hono fāmili ʻo nau fakataha ʻi ʻAositelēlia mo tangatá ni.

      Ko Afnatius Paasí mei Lapaha ʻi Tonga pea ko e tokotaha vaʻinga liiki polofesinale ia ʻoku ne lolotonga vaʻinga he timi Titans ʻa Gold Coast ʻi ʻAositelēlia. ʻOkú ne vaʻinga he tuʻunga matatolú peá ne ne muʻaki vaʻinga he Warriors ʻa Nuʻu Silá. Ne fāʻeleʻi pe ia ʻi Tonga pea ko hono taʻu 24 ʻeni.


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