Holonga shooting ends rival youth groups violence

    A man was shot in the kneecap with a 22 rifle and was later hospitalised while his alleged shooter was arrested and charged with causing bodily harms.

    Muʻa Police were called to a home at Holonga on Tuesday night February 2 at about 8pm after reports that fights broke out between local rival youth groups.

    Police said more charges will be laid.

    The victim was in a stable condition in hospital.

    Police investigation continues.


    1. Naʻe fanaʻi ha matāpule ʻi Holonga he ʻaho Tūsité ʻo leleakiʻi ʻo fakatokoto fale mahaki lolotonga iá kuo tā tikite ha matāpule ʻe taha ki he fakatupu lavea lahi.

      Pehē mei he kau polisí ko e tupu mei he kē fakatoʻutupu.


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