Vaiola authority responded after open hole revealed on Kaniva News

    Tonga’s Ministry of Health CEO Dr Siale ‘Akauʻola told Kaniva News this morning he will “act…as soon as possible” after he received a photo and contact from us seeking his comments on an open hole at the hospital that caused public concerns.

    Dr ‘Akauʻola believed the opening gap was related to “a drain that has missed its cover”.

    “Thank you for forwarding this picture. It looks frightening!” he said.

    “I will act on this ASAP”, he added.

    The open hole was located at a road in Vaiola Hospital in which one of the locals said it poses danger to public safety  and  those who regularly visited the largest hospital in Tonga.


    When the photos were taken yesteday the hole was not cordoned off and there were no traffic cones or warning signs around it to warn public before anyone could become a victim of the dangerous open gap.

    The size of the hole was not known but Mapa Taumālolo who took photos of it said those responsible were “careless” and the hole was “dangerous” for children who regularly at the area.


    Risky open hole at Vaiola hospital causes public concerns


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