Risky open hole at Vaiola hospital causes public concerns

This hole is extremely dangerous because many parents and their children as well as motorists used the road where it is located to reach the mortuary. Photo/Mapa Taumālolo

An open hole at a road in Vaiola Hospital poses dangerous risk for children and people who regularly visited Tonga’s largest hospital, a concerned Tongan says.

The hole was not cordoned off and there were no traffic cones or warning signs around it to warn public before anyone could become a victim of the dangerous open gap.

The hole was located near the hospital’s mortuary where hundreds visited from time to time to attend failotu (prayer sevice) for their deceased.

Mapa Taumālolo who took photos of the hole this evening Monday 28 said he feared for the safety of children of parents who visited the mortuary.

He said the authority had been “careless” as children parents have brought with them to the mortuary were playing around the area.

“I am concerned otherwise a child would not become aware of the hole and plunges into it”, Taumālolo said in Tongan.

He said he tried to look for something around the area so he could use it to cover the hole but he could not find any and at the same time he was in a hurry to take his family back home.

Taumālolo  also took to Facebook and called on members of the public who could be able to get in touch with hospital authority to let them know about the hole and the risk it has for the public.

Hospital authority was contacted for comments.


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