Prince Ata to attend Lomu services on behalf of His Majesty and nation

    Prince Ata will arrive here in Auckland next week to attend services for Jonah Lomu, the Tongan consul in ‘Atalanga has confirmed this to Kaniva News this afternoon.

    The Prince will come to New Zealand to represent His Majesty and the nation in paying their respects to the memory of Lomu and to participate in memorial events, said the Tongan consul, Stafford ‘Aho.

    ʻAho said he has also received a Letter of Condolence by Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva on the passing of Lomu.

    He said he would be at Lomu’s residence in Epsom tomorrow to pass on the letter to his family.

    ‘Aho said the family have yet to announce the official programme for the memorial services but they were in contact as he has to update the Prince on latest developments.

    Meanwhile the Tongan community in Auckland has organised a memorial service for the global superstar in sport of rugby to be held this Sunday 22 at Lotofale’ia church in Mangere from 6pm – 9pm.

    John Hart, Lomu’s old coach in the days he arose as All Blacks’ great said this morning that the family have “got their dad back in the house with them now”.

    Lomu’s body would likely stay at the family home until the funeral, he said.

    Hart, who spoke to media outside the family’s residence said that Queen Elizabeth had written to Prime Minister John Key asking him to pass on to Lomu’s wife, Nadene how much she mourns their loss.

    Hart also confirmed Lomu “clearly had cardiac arrest” and it clearly related to his health condition.


    1. ‘E meʻa mai ʻa e tama ko Pilinisi Atá ki ʻAokalaní ni ke ne meʻa ki he meʻafakaʻeiki ʻo Jonah Lomu ko hano fakahā ʻeni ʻe he Konisela Tonga ʻi ʻAtalangá ki he Ongoongo ʻa e Kanivá he hoʻatā ʻo e ʻaho ní.

      Ko hano fakafofongaʻi ʻeni ʻe he tamá ʻa ʻEne ʻAfió mo e fonuá fakatatau ki he fakamatala ʻa Stafford ʻAhó.

      Ne ne pehē foki ne ne toe maʻu mo ha Tohi Fiekaungā Mamahi mei he Palēmiá ʻAkilisi Pōhiva ki he meʻa fakaʻeiki ʻo Lomú peá te ne ʻi hono ʻapi nofoʻangá ai ʻa pongipongi ke fakahoko atu e tohi fiekaungāongoʻí ni ki he mali ʻo Lomú, Nadene.

      Taimi tatau kuo fokotuʻutuʻu foki ha lotu hūfia ʻo e pekiá ke fakahoko ia ʻi he Sāpate ko ʻení ki Lotofaleʻia ʻi Mangere kamata mei he taimi 6 ki he 9 efiafi.


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