Huge waves overtopping Haʻapai causeway affect schools, services.

    Severe weather is starting to take its toll in the islands of Haʻapai with government ministries, businesses and schools are being affected by huge waves overtopping the Foa-Lifuka causeway.

    The causeway links the two most populated islands of the Ha’apai groups, Foa and Lifuka.

    The incident happened as the strong wind warnings was still in force for all of Tonga.

    Tonga MetService said at its 1pm’s, November 30 weather bulletin a gale warning remains in force for all Tonga coastal waters.

    Pictures uploaded to Facebook this morning show waves crashing and overtopping the causeway.

    Adriano Akileo Selui uploaded photos to Facebook  saying  public servants and students from Foa who go to school and work in Pangai in Lifuka waited since 8am this morning till afternoon.

    They expected chances for them to travel through the causeway but only some who could make it because of the inaccessbility caused by floods and overtopping waves. Many who could not make it returned home, Selui said.

    The Met Service has also predicted gusts of 30-35 knots gusting to 45 knots at times could hit the  islands coastal areas tomorrow.


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